Film: Bambi (film), Bambi II

Games: Kingdom Hearts

Voice: Bobby Stewarts, Donnie Dunagan, Hardie Albright, John Sutherland, Noah Luke, Alexander Gould.

Other Names: The Young Prince

Personality: Curious, heroic, shy, brave, fun-loving, docile, innocent, gentle, sweet, obedient, childlike, noble, protective, carefree, sensitive.

Appearance: (young) a cute, little fawn (adult) a handsome, strong buck with antlers (both) big brown eyes.

Occupation: The young prince of the forest.

Home: The Forest.

Allies: Bambi's Mother, Bambi's Father, Flower, Thumper, Owl (Bambi), Faline, Sora.

Enemies: Man, Ronno, the Dogs.

Likes: His mother, copying how the grown-up stags prance around, Faline, his friendship with Thumper and Flower, flowers, butterflies, snow, his father, hiding behind his mother when he's embarrassed.

Dislikes: Ice skating, forest fires, poachers, Ronno, hunters, Man, Hunter Dogs, missing his mother, his father's stubbornness.

Weapons: His antlers, hooves, and head.

Powers and abilities: Physical strength, speed, and agility

Fate: Takes his father's place as the new Great Prince of the Forest.