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In The First Bambi Bambi only Meets Ronno when he is a adult and Ronno has olny had brown eyes not green. Ronno only appears in one part of the movie. Right after Faline licks Bambi , he goes into a daydream about them leaping around in the clouds. Faline runs through a little hole, and when Bambi goes after her, Ronno pops out. He marches over to Faline and using his antlers, he lures her away as she cries for help. Bambi gets furious and chases Ronno, causing them to fight. Bambi wins after throwing Ronno in a river. Ronno is not mentioned after that. But In Bambi: the Summer of romance which will be a new movie in the Upcoming movie produced by Carter Peterson and Walt Disney Studio Ronno will be Returning For his revenge on what Bambi Did to him and Forces Faline to leave again and Faline cries BAMBI! for help again. Which Bambi Charges at Ronno causing them another Big long Epic Fight. After the Long fight Ronno Gets Thrown into A River just like he had happen in the first film Bambi wins the Fight Faline walks up to Bambi and Nuzzles him and they walk away.

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Bambi and Ronno First meet in Bambi



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Assumingly alive


Ronno's mother


Coat: Dark brown fur with no spots Head: Two tiny horns and a dark brown head

Eyes: Green

Additional info: A small piece of his left ear appears to be missing


A bully and a mama's boy. He is tough but can be a real wimp. Ronno is also persistent and a little insecure.



Ronno in Bambi IIEdit

Ronno is shown as fawn in Bambi II. He has a much bigger role in this movie. He is shown when the animal children are watching the groundhog predict the weather. He introduces himself and tries to impress Faline and Bambi with his horns, "Stab" and "Jab". He then tells them how he fought off hunters, and how the trick deer by calling, "I'mmmm Heeere," Seeing the two are intimadated, he challenges Bambi to a fight. His mother calls his name and Ronno whines, "In a minute!!" He threatens Bambi again, but his mother calls him once more. He replys,"I'm coming!!" As he runs away, you can here him say, "Don't bother me when I'm trying to make friends!" and his mother replys, "Sorry honey,".

After Bambi has a dream about his mother, he hears, "I'mmmm Heeere," and heads out to the field in search of the noise. Then the crows fly out of the trees, the signal that hunters are near, and soon enough, big, black dogs run toward him. His father finds him in time, and tells him to run. But Bambi froze on the spot. Bambi's Father yells, "Run, now!" Bambi sprints away to safety.

Bambi II Ronno VS Bambi by MissSlytherin

Bambi stands up for Faline

When Ronno appears again, Bambi recently got pricked by a porcipine. "I'm surprised you're alive," he says. "What do you mean?" they ask. "I mean the way you froze out there in the field. And infront of your own father!" Ronno replies. Then he tries to lead Faline away with him. Bambi then says,

Bambi: "Leave her alone!"

Ronno: "What did you say?!"

Bambi: "I said.....leave her alone!"

Thumper: "Hit him, Bambi!"

Ronno: (sarcasticly) "Aww, are you playing with little bunny rabbit, and the little skunk?"

Thumper, who gets angry about this, pushes Bambi, causing Ronno to fall in the mud. Angrily, Ronno gets up and chases them. Flower faints as Ronno leaps over him. With a dead end, they jump over a stream to safety. "What's the matter, baby? Are you scared?" Thumper taunts him. Bambi's father finds them, compliments his jump, and they walk away. "I'm not afraid!" Ronno shouts after they leave. He tries to jump it, but he doesn't really make it, so he grabs onto the ledge. Then he falls into the stream.

When Bambi and his Father arrive at the field, Ronno and the other deer are running in a herd. Bambi and his Father join them, and soon the princes are near the front of the herd. The Great Prince runs past Ronno easily. "Wow!" Ronno breathes. Bambi also attempts to catch up with his father, but Ronno is determined to stay in front of him. But Bambi, full of determination, sprints past Ronno.


Bambi races Ronno

They meet again later. Bambi was going to live with Mena, a doe that his mother grew up with, since the prince promised Friend Owl he would take care of Bambi until spring. After he say good-bye to his father and he and Mena walk away, Ronno finds Bambi and taunts him because his father is giving him away. He makes Bambi so mad that he headbutts him into a tree. then Ronno replies, "Oh yeah?", and they start a fight similar to the one they fought in the first movie. Mena finds Bambi and says, "There you are, Bambi!" Ronno then pushes Bambi into Mena, causing her foot to get caught in a trap. A rope is now tied to her ankle, and when she pulls to get away, two tin cans clank together, causing a loud rattle. Then they hear the faint sound of barking dogs. Terrified, Ronno runs for his life, screaming, "MOMMY!!"

Then in the spring, when Bambi, Faline, Thumper, Flower, and Friend Owl are talking, Ronno walks over. He threatens Bambi to fight, but he fall in the water. When he stands up, a turtle is clinged to his muzzle. "MOMMY!!" he cries as he runs off, with the other laughing as he leaves.

That's the last time Ronno appears in the movie.


  • "But if it weren't for cowards, we wouldn't be able tell who the brave ones are!"
  • "These are my antlers, Stab and Jab!"
  • "Hey, I wasn't done talking about me!"


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